Sunday, May 29, 2005

Hackers' Assaults May Prod Reforms

Hackers' assaults may prod reforms
Unknown to almost everyone, companies like LexisNexis have been collecting all kinds of information about us for years. To make matters worse, we learn earlier this spring, that these bohemoth warehouses of personal information are not only collecting personal information without the knowledge or consent of those the info is being collected about, but that they've been hacked...

Can something good come out of this? You bet it can. I don't condone hacking in any form (not even the white-hat variety), but sometimes you can make lemonade with your lemons. On the positive side of this, we now know that there are companies like LexisNexis out there and what they are up to. It us up to us to pressure our political leaders to help put a STOP to this serious invasion of our privacy and breach of our trust. In spite of what many in the corporate world believe, there are some things more important than making money any way you can. Like honesty, integrity, and yes, even privacy.